Conforti Business Consulting
  • CC's passion is to Mentor Executives to
    Grow Profitable, Successful Companies
  • Having run large and small profitable
    companies for decades, has given CC the enterprise-wide insights needed to coach your team
  • Together we will define then break the Glass Ceiling - creating a better future
  • Strategic Planning with an Execution Plan and accountability is our starting point
  • Addressing causes not symptoms will
    become our credo
  • CC will ingrain "managing by metrics",  not just financial reports
  • Together we will generate and instill Tenets for Success
  • CC's comfort zones are:
    - Marketing
    - Engineering for manufacturability
    - Manufacturing cost reduction & LEAN
    - QA processes and IT infrastructure

    Our sweet spot is Management
  • Inspiring, motivating, building confidence, rewarding, celebrating and having fun are all part of CC's mentoring philosophy
  • And you will know what to expect: Millions more on the bottom line? It's possible!

A World of Experience . . . At Your Beck and Call

Through management mentoring Conforti accomplishes the honing of management's ability to find significant opportunities to improve their businesses and to organize for sustainable, long-term success. The team, through Conforti's coaching, develops enterprise-wide troubleshooting initiatives directed at substantial and ongoing improved business performance and cost reduction.

Conforti has extensive experience advising companies and running companies. He has been CEO, Interim CEO, Board member and business improvement consultant. He has mentored the CEOs of several companies. If needed, Conforti will bring along expert, professional business consultants.

Conforti helps manufacturing businesses by advising in the areas of improving manufacturing processes, reducing costs, focused marketing, organization restructuring and business turnaround. To accomplish outstanding results Conforti coaches and mentors management to change its company's culture, to become very proactive toward continuous improvement in order to see increasing results and productivity. Also stressed is reducing costs substantially. Reducing costs is not done by slashing but by finding opportunities to work smarter not harder, to spend money to make money and to design for manufacturability. There are always ways to increase efficiency by exposing the staff to LEAN manufacturing practices. This mentoring leads to increased efficiency, profitability, EBITDA and enterprise value.

Our typical process includes initial evaluation of the culture and the operating methodology—an exploration of strengths and opportunities. This is usually followed by strategic planning , Goals setting, developing an executable business plan with metrics and accountability.

One area always of interest to our clients is how to grow top line sales, analyze and develop sales channels, increase brand awareness and how to increase market share. We have been there, done that and can help you do it too!

In the course of executive mentoring and coaching we assess leadership, work to improve leadership and if necessary, reorganizing or change leadership. Our goal is to bring all key managers to a broader perspective on business with enhanced execution capabilities.




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